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My story

Yea yea, you know me, well do you know why I am insane, well here's the story (this is a fake story), well there I was standing alone in the rain, just waiting for some friends, well in till I herd my friend's screams I ran to find them to investigate, H-h-hello, I whispered. well I guess there's no on here, I left not knowing someone was following me, so the next day there was a letter on my door, well it said, "well, want your friends back, well find me in the coldest darkest places, in till then, bye.. The note had very bloody hand writing..

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The Wrong idea pg 1

Characters: Mellie, CoCo, Alexa, Jinx, Nua, and Jack

Chapter 1:

The Fallen

Hey Alexa! Mellie said to Alexa

Yes, Alexa replied.

Mellie got shocked in pain

Alexa, called jinx and CoCo very loudly

Jinx, CoCo screamed in her ear while they where fighting over something..

Alexa, Whats the problem? CoCo and Jinx asked.

Well Mellie got -crackle crackle- Did you hear that? -crumble down-

All of the friends screamed, OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!

The ran out getting starled

Too be continued..

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Mellie story

Mellie was walking home from school with her two good animal friends, Alexa and Jinx then she herd a crackling sound from the bushes she went to check it out, then she saw a stange looking note saying, watch your back sighed the unknown or the bullies at her school, no one really like her, at the time she liked nature so she went to the zoo, and someone grappled her in the neck and said told you watch you back, Mellie kicked the person behind her, not knowing it was a bully, she scream and went home breathing hardly, no one was home, so the next day she got her dad's special knifes just in cas

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InNeR MeLlIe hiding under something, she wandered if it was safe to talk to slender, about her proplems, Hey slender she said softly, I see, I must go before Jeff kills me, can we talk slender when I got a chance, she walks away very slowy waiting to a response

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alexa hurd foot steps *both ears go up* I hear something *sees something* who's there *thinks to self*

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