blackheart's journal

~Green Eyes~

One winter morning as the snow fell to the ground and covered the entire forest like a blanket, and in a small den by the river, two wolves looked upon their newborn. Those were my parents. I squirmed, trying to get comfortable next to my mother. I had just opened my eyes and I marveled at the things around me. The sun shone through the entrance of the cave. Even though I dared not to wander far from my mother’s warm caress, everything that moved caught my eye. Everything seemed to be going fine for me, but for my parents, not so much.

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my roleplayig characters

locustclaw:a tan tom with orange cat
spottedheart:a brown orange and tan shecat with green mate.warrior
pinefur:brown shecat with grey splotches

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wolves of darkness

Mist stalked in the tall grass towards a rabbit while it chewed on the seeds it was holding.she tensed her muscles ready to pounce when something large crashed into her side and scared her prey away.

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