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The Theatre of the Absurd

I've been researching different styles of art this past month and I have fallen for The Theatre of the Absurd. My heart was stolen by Alfred Jarry, the famous French playwright that wrote Ubu Roi. The Theatre of the Absurd focuses on visual art, theatre, dance, poetry, and music. This style intrigues me, it's so.......absurd. One play for the gene had woman throwing live turtles at the audience. The first thing I thought was, "Is that illegal?" but I soon began like this idea. Not about the turtles but about the unpredictable and dangerous view of art.

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School, friends, and artist block

Can someone please tell what's wrong with teens today? I'm 13 years-old and I've been watching the news lately. It seems that almost every day that some crazy kid is bringing a gun to school. It's scary and really unnecessary. Now almost every day I'm getting asked 20 questions from my parents about if I have a gun or am doing drugs. Thanks a lot all you depressed crazy teens, who do extreme things, now I have to pay for it.

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New drawing idea.

I was thinking of some new ideas for drawings. I was thinking of doing little drawings of me and my boyfriend. I was going to make a series of drawings featuring us. Is this a good idea or not? Please leave comments i would really like some feedback. Big smile

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Teenage Boyfriend

My boyfriend isn't perfect. I know but a little effort would be appreciated. Well anyways N is driving me crazy and now I'm sad because he basically ditched me at the fair and went to play video games. And couldn't even find this out from him. I heard it from his friend. At first I was pissed now I'm just sad. What shall I do with my teenage boyfriend? Sad(

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Check your schools toilets before you use them.

Ok here's some more crazy urban legends. I absolutely love the Japanese! They have the most twisted, demented stories ever!! So anyways check your bathroom before you use it. You might encounter a crazy girl ghost who lost her legs or a weird dude who asks if you like red paper or blue paper. If you say red he'll slice your throat repeatedly to make it look like you're wearing a red coat or if your say blue he'll hang you in the bathroom. Oh and that's not all!!! Let's not forget the SLIT-FACE WOMAN!

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What makes art, art? If you just hang something on a wall make it art or just make something shocking is it art? I don't get it some people just paint like four circles and like a box around it and people buy it for thousands of dollars. WHAT REALLY IS ART? Is this smudge art?

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I love foreign filmswith subtitles. The most recent one I've seen is Kuch Kuch Hotta Hai which means in English "something is happening." My grandpa is Indian and some Hindu he really loved this movie too. Through out the movie he kept telling me how westernized Bollywood is becoming and how they don't make movies the way they used to. For example Bride and Prejudice. There barely any Hindu dialogue but that movie was really good in my opinion.

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Art School Confidential

I've just watched the movie Art School Confidential and I have a lot of questions.

1. I am really going to meet psycho, crazy, bipolar people art school?

2. I don't understand how you can get, "Innocence, playful" out of a scribble.

3. How can a simple painting of a stupid car amaze so MANY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! IT'S INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Is art school just really one whole conspiracy? Do they really just everyone an A for trying and just turning some work, even if it's not good or is that just in the movie to make it even more stupid?

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Hey I've just watched the movie Stigmata and I am totally like blown away. I'm a Roman Catholic and while I was watching the movie I could totally imagine my grandma saying," OH Babe that's makes the church look bad turn it off." with her really strong Filipino accent. It's really funny. But that's get back to the point. I may be a Catholic but it's only to please my family. If a had it my way I would still be Catholic but not go to mass and confession. After watching this movie I now have an excuse not to go to mass. I mean God is all around me he's not in a building.

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