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New Friends

Hello Queekyheads,

today i got my first friends invitation :-)I was very pleased, because this is a proove that the Queeky community is an active and friendly one. Unfortunately i don´t have many time to draw very much in the last weeks (or months, somehow i lost the feeling for time) , but iam looking forward to do some new and fresh art over here. So thanks for all those nice comments and ratings


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Gathered some nice experience

i just wanted to thank for this nice platform and the great community, i really enjoy drawing online and getting direct feedback. I also really like the replay drawing function. This gives a lot of insights into other people workflows and techniques. Thats it for now.


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First day of queeky

i haveto say its a really nice platform, allthough i think in some cases a bigger canvas would be nice. unfotunately iam handycapped with a ugly right arm cast and therefore have heavy constraints, but time will cure all wounds.

stay tuned

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