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r.i.p. hours of my day

i was working on a drawing that i'm doing for my local radio station personality and as usual i stopped to save my progress expect this time it would not let me save. i tried for like a half an hour and then said adios to an hour or so of my work.
i went to refresh queeky to see if, JUST IN CASE, it saved anyways..it didnt. and the site was not working......
im glad its working now.. but im still a little upset at all the progress i lost...


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Queeky Is Back!

Yay!!! I was so sad to learn that some mean old hackers with no life decided to target this site.
But anyways, They'll be forgotten.
I'm so glad to have it back! Ph, you handled it well Smile

let the games begin Wink

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My Birthday!

Today's my birthday, and i actually did my hair all up for once... about to go to work... and it's raining... ahaha aint that somethin.

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artist in the ambulance

am i a complete douche bag for murdering time and burning up daylight behind the computer in my small and cluttered bedroom? possibly.
i am finding myself, after a 10 hour day at work, in complete solitude. opportunities to go out and socialize come and go, daily. but lately, i'd rather not.
i think it's the weak connections i have with people. that would be completely my fault, also.

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Ich schwöre!

i want to draw something out of my comfort zone. i either don't take something serious enough, or i put everything i have into something i know isn't that challenging.
hopefully i can manage to do this. Tired

i believe, first i have to summon up some emotions. If i have any..

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most saturdays

i spent the entire saturday being over active on this site and drawing. there wasn't much else to do.
tomorrow i predict something a lot similar. my best friend is out of town for a wedding.

she just texted me saying "i had fun, although i must say, it was a very trashy wedding"

ahaha gotta love it.

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