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Wink Hello everyone! I'm so sorry I've been so dissapeared these days (i think years TT_TT) but, university and some problems took me apart from this site and in adittion to this, several times I tried to draw something and then I couldn't finished it, I got angry, I was sad...well, lots of things.

BUT NOW!! I'M BACK AGAIN Laughing out loud teheeeh!! I'm better and I am very happy to see that some artists here have missed me *o* Thank you Kutedymples for you nice comment in one of my last drawings >///<. I was moved. Your words touched my heart. Thank you :3

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Horror Portrait Project

Well, here i am again but this time i show you the photo which is the base of my horror selfportrait project ^^
I read the requirements and...here is my real creepy face XDD

I have a doubt, can i draw more portraits for the project?? please let me know soon!! Smile))

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Im proud of one of my last drawings ^^

Today, during some breaks (i have a exam of germany the next monday...=.='') i was drawing this ^^ i m very glad...but now im thinking in colour it....but im not sure...im afraid of making a disaster....well...this is the drawing now...maybe i will colour it with photoshop or here ^^

Hope you like it!

btw, do you recognize this famous korean band?? i give you a tip...the song that inspired me is: ''Don't don''

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cOVERS para mis fanfics

Estoy haciendo una serie de portadas para mis historias del blog, y dado que necesito direcciones URL para subir estas fotos al blog, pues las subo aki para obtener los enlaces ^^'' ejejej

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About my last yaoi drawings ^^

Well... i love reading books...and I love to write stories so...recently Ive been writing fanfics about my favourites korean bands...they are science fiction or maybe fantasy....i really enjoy writing them :DDD by now im writing in spanish but Id would like to translate them....if you are interested you can visit my wordpress and Read something... ;P

Here you have the link ^^


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Hey! Im here again!

hELlo everyone ^^. Im writing here because id like to share with you some of my last photos i took of myself...well...they are not very artistic but.. i like to play with expressions and this kind of mosaic so, if you like, let me know, ok? Take care all of you!


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At the university right now

well, here I am...I am almost alone.. >>>(I say almost, because there are a lot of stundents around me....but I dont know anybody).... Now Im writing a science fiction fanfic, in which the main characters are the members from the south korean band DBSK....my friends like a lot the story at the moment ( I have already written 6 chapters in Spanish) . I'm very excited..but I have to study and my problem is I only want to draw and write my ideas.... Now I think I have realized that being a undergraduate of Translation probably is not what I want... (EVERYONE TOLD ME THAT BEFORE!

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