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new book chap2

lets go home, i poked the homan with my talen father why is it so smushy. it has no sacales like us eclipse. ekkkkkk father that human is alive!! yes its an easy way to build a hoard just capture royal humans and the will give you gold for ransom once the payment is done there is no time to delay dinner. we waited for months knights with heaps of gold came and plased it before father after all the payments was made he ate the human. unluckily one of the knights saw me and the came back with swords and arrows and nets! father told me to fly away! but father i hardly can fly. just go!!!

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new book

her eyes weakened the erge for hibernation stabbed at her back shoving the eggs in to her pouch so they dont freeze while she is hibernating after she set up a majical trap so theives wont come and steal her hoard. she curled up by her mate yellow foot with the fire blazing gleaming in the large heape of gold. she bagan to dooze and she fell asleep.she started to dreamabout her life, this is how it went climing out of the den for the first time smelling every thing i cant wait till father comes back with fresh kill ,it has been 4 seasons since mother and papi died from the humans.

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hey guys if u didnt know my dad got a job at a cheese storing warehouse in apleton Wisconsin so im moving there and its the headquarters of WELS i go to IL.Lutheran junior high school (iljhs) so ya next year im not going there ill be in,... Wisconsin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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