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Time Flies

You have no idea how fast time flies. I haven't been on this site for like ever. Yeah, so. Okay. Now you know about this year. yeah. Okay. Anyways, I'm totally bored. Check out my stuff on the profile. If you wanna know about me even more, here's info.

DOB: July 18, 1997
Hometown: Redlands, California

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Were back in 5... 4.. Wait!!!!

Hey guys. Today we had no school. : ) The teachers and an in service day. So what I did was study for science. Then I drew. I only drew 1 picture cause my family keeps me pretty busy. Wink There isn't much to write about today. Well, I'm trying to find the technique to drawing in black and white. I think the idea is pretty awesome. What do you think. Anyways, I've seen so many other drawings and learning more about technique, shading, and personality about the drawers. Glasses Now my sister is crying because of a song... wait, she isn't. Never mind. I think I should try to draw a piano.

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More Tests, (in life, school, and drawing. : )

WoW. My teachers are crazy... can't wait to go to collage. Shock Hee Hee. Anyways. I think I'm taking my pics too seirously. Am I. Well people who read my blog. I hope I will pass my science test on tuesday. What do you think about my drawing "What Do You See"? I think I messed it up so badly that I should unplubish it. This blog entry will mostly be about meeeee.

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Drawing Family

Exclamation Mark Well, you people who read my last entry saw that I have 2 sisters that also have a queeky account. Now, my youngest sister got an account a couple minutes ago. If you guys look at some of my pictures, they are by my little sister. Here are the ones that she drew: Colors Of Nature, Overflowing, Pink Rose Flower, Woah, The Dark Steep Cave, and Wow. My other sister who is 8 made some of the other pictures in my profile before she got her own, these are hers:Sunset in a Beach and A pond. Well, if you have questions, just ask them. Tongue

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Look at my drawings and tell me how they are cause I think most of them are horrible.

Hi, you guys know me as jlumi001, my sister is jlumi1. I also have another sister that is 8, hers is jenniferlumintang. If you guys see my drawings, you see they are random. There aren't really a point I'm trying to make. What do you think about it. I hope I could have more time to draw but I have a science test, english test, history test, and a test in physical education. Wow, I'm pretty busy this week. Maybe I'll try next week. Hope I could blog this later.

-See ya

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