my life i swear

This is the longest Multidraw has been down for reconstruction. Does anyone know what they're doing? Anyways, during this time I've been cross-breeding animals who can't breed in real life on sims 4, taking care of myself appropriately, and watching Seri! Pixel Biologist. Texting my friends and checking on them, making legacies and generation challenges, and experiencing hiccups rn. I also got sick for a bit one week, with an excessive sore throat. There was a mix of a mean nurse and a friendly doctor, but I'm finally better! I also lost a friend to cancer- but we're not gonna talk about that. Anyways, I'm starting my Rucker Generation in sims 4. So far we have the founder Aliyah Rucker, a wild fox I named Shadow Rucker that lives in her residence, a rabbit named Fluffy, her cow, Milkshake, her two chickens Eggbert, her rooster, and Snuggles, her hen, She also has Rocco and Luna her pet dogs. But we may soon give her a boyfriend to join her! I'm hoping the animals last for all of the legacy generations. Aliyah also started off as a founder of a new scenario that's been added to sims 4 but is now a country caretaker and I changed her to look like something you'd find if maxis tried to make a mostly cottage living sim. I've also been dealing with trying to make more friends with multiple personalities like me, occasionally eating ice cream for dessert (every night-) and having coffee every morning! I'm starting to get the hang of these blog entries too, now that I've also been writing my own stories! Anyways, if you see this please reply- I want to know other people are active and maybe want to be my friend. (This account is so old but i can't figure out how to change the name bc I wanna make it our system name but i forgot the password ^^') Anyways. Is anyone else experiencing the multi-draw issue?

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new MD

it's in progress ... new MD will have Undo and Redo for individual Users and much bigger canvas Smile

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i've been checking on this site daily! still waiting for the moment multidraw comes back up

teehee *pees*