*This document is based on a True Story. Whether you believe this or not is really your choice.

I sat up at the foot of my bed, wide awake, staring blankly ahead at the bare walls of my room and the boxes stacked up against it. I moved into this big house just 12 hours ago, and I was now debating whether or not I should explore my new home.

Finally, I jumped out of bed and brush my long, brown hair into a thick braid. I walked down the stairs, barefoot, and carefully observed everything I came across. I counted to myself as I walked: 3 windows, 6 blue curtains, dark grey wallpaper, dark brown hardwood floors. I walked down the hall until I finally reached a dead end-- Only, it wasn't exactly a dead end.

I leaned against the wall and closed my eyes, enjoying the cool air around me, until suddenly, the wall behind me jerked and shifted, and I fell backwards with a yelp-- I was in another hallway now, and the wall hardened again behind me. I pounded on the wall, until I finally accepted defeat. I turned around and noticed that everything was dark, except for a lamp on the floor illuminating only a few feet of the ground around it. I picked it up and walked forward cautiously.

I found myself in a greenhouse, after what seemed like eons (although my feet weren't even tired), flourishing with more plant life than I thought could possibly exist in one place. I lay down on a soft patch of moss and close my eyes. Sudden exhaustion consumed me, and I gave into it as I drifted off into sleep.

But I was awakened by vines and leaves weaving and poking through my braid, coiling around my arms and legs, and the undeniable feeling of new life. Suddenly, the vines blindfolded me and picked me up, carrying me somewhere. When I could see, I noticed that I was on my bed again. Feelings of shock, fear, and excitement rippled throughout my body. I paced and paced, until I took a small piece of paper and a pen and wrote, "I'm sorry. I love you. I'll be okay, I promise. But, please don't come looking for me." In the corner I drew a small leaf. I snuck out of the house and ran as far into the woods as my legs-- and my vines-- could carry me. If one thing was for sure, I had a new ability, the ability to create and control life associated with plants, and no one could know about it. And it wasn't a dream, so I ran. But under the starry sky and surrounded by lush trees and leaves, I wasn't afraid. I was safe...


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It's well written and

It's well written and honestly scary especially since it states it's based on a true story...I should say a movie or adventure with this story would be quite interesting and exciting even scary...good luck with all...Smile

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Read it and tell me what you

Read it and tell me what you think!