Being Awful

So like, there's a really really good chance that I told the Queeky Admin themself that they're not a real admin because they can't swear and I can.

And like, as an admin of another drawing site for 3+ years, I'm really sorry about being that way. But at the same time, as an admin of another drawing site for 3+ years I can't help but crack up at that because Listen.. Users that are like "youre not an admin, what are you gonna do, ban me?" make absolutely wild stories that I laugh about for Years. I get people who clear the board (it tells me who did it!!!) and then say "it wasn't me" or "you can't ban me, you're not an admin," right before I ban them for being rude.

So if I did really tell a Real Admin that, Sorry, but I hope you had a good laugh about it because I am, and I don't mean it maliciously.
And anyone happening to read this I hope u enjoy it
Just thought I'd share it w yall .

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