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At Vocalpoint they love to hear your opinions...and they are listening. Check out all the ways you can share your opinions with them and see what Vocalpoint does with your feedback.

Step 1: Focus Groups

They conduct focus groups with our members to see what you think about certain products and services

Step 2: Surveys

They send you surveys about marketing ideas to get your opinion of them

Step 3: Program Results

You participate in the Vocalpoint programs you receive in the mail and in your newsletter, and then see the impact you have on others

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Save The Frogs!

Well...I don't know about you all but I love entering Art Contests. You just never know, your entry could be the winning one. Frogs you say? Who doesn't love them? I have been known to draw a frog or two in the past. I just ran across this contest and there is still plenty of time to enter. If you do enter please share here with everyone. Thanks for looking and good luck if you enter. I plan to enter.

Here is the link for the site:


Here is the link for the rules:


Here is the list of prizes:

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Johnny Cash Project

To all of my artist friends here, I seen a commercial on television last night and it was about the Johnny Cash Project. Here is a YouTube video about the project: http://youtu.be/WwNVlNt9iDk

Here is a link to my first approved drawing:

Please if you draw an entry and it is approved please post it here in the comments so I can check it out. This is an awesome project and I am working on another entry now.

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