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My New Artwork Slideshow


You have to look at my new slideshow. These are all pictures I have made here at Queeky and I made a new slideshow to let all of my friends and family see right from my facebook page. Please view:


It was very easy to make, you can make one too and add your favorite music to it and all of your favorite pictures.

Artwork by me: kutedymples

Music by: Keith Urban

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149 Sketchbook Ideas

Seems like all artists at one time or another are at a loss for what to draw. We get the idea in our head or the urge to draw something then when we see a blank canvas our minds go blank as well. So here is something I found enlightening and could even be very useful. At first glance it seems like a joke, but when you browse down further it really could help with ideas to fill that blank canvas. Things I have never thought of to draw certainly but sometimes the best drawings are drawings of very unusual and off the wall subjects.

Laughing out loud Enjoy! Laughing out loud

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Drawing From Reference Photos

I ran across an excellent site a while back from a wonderful artist, he also has tutorials and stuff on the site and a lot of really good information to help other artists achieve their goals in art. Read on below, this was taken from his site with permission for me to post here:

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Boredom and Wasting Time

And The Winners Are...

Post All of Your Favorite Christmas Videos Here!

I keep finding these Amazing Christmas Music videos and thought it would be fun for us to have one place here to put them in. That way we know exactly where to come and look at them or post any new ones. Feel free to comment or post any new or amazing Christmas Music videos or Amazingly Funny, Heart warming or memorable videos here about Christmas in the comment section.

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