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Something Interesting and Quite True

Since I have been a member here at Queeky every now and then I read posts from Artists that either are leaving or constantly think that nobody looks at their work or appreciates them. Surely every Artist has had these feelings but like myself most keep the feelings inside and do not act on them or vocalize them. But I ran across something tonight when "Stumbling" across the internet and thought it would be good to post. It made me think a little bit about sometimes how I feel. I underlined the one comment that is close to my thoughts at times.

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Fredrik Ödman Photography

Fredrik Ödmans images explore and uncover an enchanted world. The pictures take the viewer on an extraordinary journey into the borderland between dream and reality. The meeting point of logic, imagination and madness.

Give this time to load, it is worth it. Very beautiful and Unusual creations and it is a must see site!


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This blog rules

Very cool face painting, you have to go to the link and look at them all. It is hard to believe someone can be as talented and creative. When looking at the face paintings it is sometimes hard to believe there are faces underneath the paint.

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Drowning Beautiful

Sometimes an artist creates something so beautifully simple that it takes your breath away…. literally. (hack line – couldn’t help it) Artist Jason de Caires Taylor creates life-size cement sculptures of people and submerges them into the waters of South America. As time passes the sculptures become part of the underwater landscape and slowly become artificial reefs ripe with marine life. The process of experiencing artwork out of a traditional gallery and underwater is described with intimately vivid detail on his site.

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Art In The Picture

This is cool, and since it pertains to art and we are an art site I thought I would post it and see if I can get you guys to do this quiz. I haven't done it yet either but plan to as soon as I get time. The link to the quiz is down below the picture I am posting is the actual picture that you have to look in to find the 30 paintings. Have fun and leave a comment to let me know if you took it and how many you found and I will do the same when I get a chance to look it over. Have fun!


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Christmas Contest

Anyone that wants to enter can. Make a Christmas drawing by the deadline of December 25th midnight Christmas. WE STILL HAVE ALMOST A WHOLE MONTH YET FOR ENTRIES!!!
I will be the judge and there will be 3 (three) winners. The winners will get a drawing request by me dedicated to them. This means I will draw a picture for you of your choice.

Lets have fun for Christmas and be creative doing so.


*One entry per artist. If you draw more than one Christmas picture make sure you state in the subject line that you want that one to be in the contest.

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