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hay everyone i just wanted to say that today is the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and that there are lots of people going through a hard time right now so just tell someone anyone that its ok and that you feel for them.
thank you! 83

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skys of white feathers-first paraghraph(about)

(DREAM)- a white luminous glow shines bright within the darkness,but then dissapears.i'm sourounded by darkness and its cold.chills run down my spine.then i see two pairs of hands reaching out towards me,they were two boys both with masks,but one was wearing a white mask and the other black.they were just standing there like time had just stopped and were just stuck in a scene before playing another part in the play,then thy started to move.i saw the man with the white mask have a dagger in hand and try to stabb the other boy,but he only got a minor flesh wound.then another scene apeared,it wa

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go happy go lucky

i just randomly found this site and i liked it a lot, and i like to draw so i thought it was a good site. hope you like my pics and stuff!!! Innocent THANKS:)

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