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it me

bet you thought you'd seen the last of me

but yeah it's been a year since i was last here and even longer since i actually bothered with this account but im back
cant keep the mermaid away from the midnight and all that
also im not 10 anymore, thats great too. wow. maybe i'll do something.

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tv annoys me

specially phineas and ferb... now I like to watch things like my favorite tv shows Miranda, QI, eastenders and comedy rocks
anything funny

the only 3 children shows I still watch are scooby doo Pokemon and dinosaur king

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How could this be????

How could people be making a Justin Bieber movie in 3D and a FRED THE MOVIE!!!! r they running outta ideas or something? Shock Puzzled
anyway hello everyone hope u enjoy queeky a lot drawing is fun and stuffs Cool

Waddle on!
P.S. waddle on is from CP (club penguin)

P.S.S. watch out for the number F-O-U-R

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my competition

hey I drew my anime animal (tee hee that sounds funny Tongue) Tessa on my account and I have decided to make it a contest. What you have to do is draw Tessa and tell me when you have done so. The top few will be the winners and I haven't decided what will happen with the winners Smile Thank you if you do this it means a lot!!!!! Big smile Here is the link to the character I want you to draw: http://www.queeky.com/gallery/image/competition?2089881286=1

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oh my gawd! I slid in the hall, because we have wood floorboards in the hall and a mat over the top, and my foot banged into the wooden cabinet next to the front door and I fell over and it made a big BANG Sad

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I have totally run out of inspiration. I can't even write a couple of stupid sentences properly and camt even draw one line without getting frustrated and bored!!!! i am even getting annoyed at wrting the argggh Angry Sad

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heyo evry1

heyo evry1 i am heree an stufff I am bored and i can thnik of anything to draw and stff and i am typing way too fast aswelll so i keeo getting stuff wrong Tired I look like Ive seen a gost Ghost cos I have seen a ghost... ... BOO!!! my profile is this way Arrow well im guessing that it isss

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I was in the middle of a drawing of me and it took ages and the mouse clicked on something and the body dissapeared!!!!!!!!! it took me ages to draw and its just not FAIR nothing is ever fair and I kept clicking the redo button and nothing happened and then I tried the undo button but still nothing happened Sad not fair Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad and now i can't be bothered to start again and now I'm tired Tired I'll go on a quest to find something important Quest

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