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Hey everyone

Hey everyone...mylittlestshinylegendary here...there's something I have to say...L.A. already
knows this (we go to the same school and lollypop102002 too) we might not be on Queeky 4
a while...we have to return them on Monday...we still have tomorrow. But I'll be back soon!

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HERRO! I'm MLSL(mylittlestshinylegendary), and I love Warrior Cats, MLP, Pokemon, and LPS(Littlest Pet Shop).
(Yeah, I like toys that are for 5-6 yearolds. =_= Deal with it.) Anyways >W< I was introduced to this safe haven by the one and only MelloJello! (Yes I know her) I think I had to go through three accounts to actually ACCESS Queeky. My first pic was a basic pic. Go check it out. I love random thigns, heavy metal, and yeah. That's it...........Buh-buh.

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