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My Computer got a Virus

Alright so yesterday my computer got a horrible virus, and my bro can't figure out how to fix it. My brother knows ALOT about computers too. We did some scans on my computer, but nothing is really working. So far the scan has found more than 16 virus files. The good news is, my brother gave me his laptop to keep forever. Sadly, i cannot plug in my tablet or mike, so whenever i need to talk on my mike or draw, i have to go on my mom's work computer and do that. I can really only chat, and RP on this laptop. I'm probably not going to be posting as many drawings as i did before.

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The Growth of Jinx

I'm going to tell the history of my character Jinx. First her name was Jay. I made Jay when i first joined Queeky about 3 to 2 years ago. She was very very very very plain looking. She was white, and she had light blue eyes, ears, paws, and tail. She also had a very small pair of wings. I was really young when i drew this picture, but here's what she looked like: http://www.queeky.com/gallery/image/jay-the-cat-is-finished Then after a year er so, i decided that Jay looked to plain. So i came up with Jade. Jade has similar colors to what Jinx has now.

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Too my BIGGEST FAN GlaceOnGir!!!! :)

im so bad a drawing ponnies i suk at it i can not draw a sonic rain boom like my biggest fan GlaceOnGir she is very nice shes so good when i get older i wanna draw like her she draws Good ponys i dont shes good at pictures! shes my biggest fan yet! she is awesome i really do wish i could draw like her her drawings are pretty i really really really like dragon draw! too and Owns dragon draw!!!! each day i have been doing art i learned how too make ponie ears and how too make a ponies flank! i really wish i new GlaceOnGir in real life!!! she was my very first commet on my drawings!

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i like dragon draw a lot its fun i love dragons horses and maybe cats but one thing i love about dragon draw my buddie runs it she is so nice to me she is my second buddy shes nice shes awesome and cool i love her avatar becuz it has a picture of gir its so cute! i like gir from invater zim!!! Dib is lol well...i dunno what else to talk about lol so i guss al be going Good Bye!!!

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ok hi again....So yester day i was looking at horse pictures and i got a little upset..becuz I WANT A HORSE SO BAD!!!!!!!!! no one is ever gonna get me a horse i keep begging and beging for a horse or pony but moms like NO so i go to my room and look at all my horse pictures and im like lol i really wanna horse...So i get on queeky and draw millions of pictures of horses and i so wen im drawing the pictures im lol IM GOOD AT DRAWING HORSES!!!!!! YAAAAY!!!

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Best wekk on queeky

One thing...my first week on queeky was so awesome i love to draw my mom thinks im good at drawing so thats why i am on this website even know my profile says im 8 years old i just turned 9 lol i try too draw good its very hard to draw really good i heared it takes a long time to just draw one tinny picture!! im also a very fast typer i learned for a long time how to typ fast its easy! my group for drawing is called Dragon draw i love it the person who runs it teached me how to draw a dragon eye!!! well i love queeky and its a good game! Know This Is The Ending Of My Story! have a good day!!!

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