roselie's journal

im sleeping over!!!!!!!!

Today is Thursday, so i got up got ready and then made a a sandwich for my dad ( i make him a sandwich everyday) then read science p.s. im home schooled! then went to the gym with my friends. came home, did more school, finished school, then my mom came home from work. then at dinner then came home then called my friend for 3:30mins then went to her house then woke up at 4 to watch the royal wadding!!!!!!!

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School OFF!!!!!

Today is Friday and i got school off im so happy☺ but i have to clean:( but still i dont have to do any school!

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Roselie`s life

Today I want to my bible believing church. It was very good it was about how Christ rose from died and when He was on the Cross and told God (Forgive them for they know not what they do and then He said it am Finished)and it is finished means the sin is paid and then He died for are sins so we can go to heaven when we all die someday... After church my dad did not tell us what we were doing and we want to a very nice restaurant. After that we want home, and now I’m in my bed using the lap-top. Love to all, Roselie.

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Roselie`s life.

Today is my first day of journaling. Today I had my best friend over it was so much fun☺ I hope I can do it again soon. They gave my family 2 bikes!and my family needed them too. I had such a great time today☺☺☺.... Love to all, Roselie.

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