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Nature vs. fire

Every year, People with fire a.k.a fire bionics burn down people with nature bionics a.k.a Nature plants,
because nature has no food to give.
Nature never grew the plants by the time they come.
Nature been hoping on day that will change,
so they did what was against the Nature code to plant the plants during winter.
Fire came back when spring came.
They got their food but it was frozen.
So fire decided to come back summer.
It became easy after that. Not
one more plant got burned down.

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Facts about Sharlet

What do you like doing most: Gossiping Big smile
What do you think is most interesting: Make up Tongue
Fav color: Pink
Tomboy or girly girl: Well, the last few questions you seen are obvious GIRLYGIRL Big smile
Whats your favorite animal: Obviously not pigs but my fav animal is bunnys their adorbs
How many pets do you have: None because I dont let animals into my apartment they can ruin my dresses
Are you popular: Yes!
Are you rich: Yes
Who your best friends: My besties are Kat, Gregory, and Sali

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