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Sachiko Ever After

Seven friends; Satoshi Mochida, Ayumi Shinozaki, Yoshiki Kishinuma, Mayu Suzumoto, Sakutaro Morishige, Naomi Nakashima and Seiko Shinohara, have stayed behind to hang out and tell ghost stories in their final gathering before their friend Mayu leaves for a new school the next day. Ayumi, the group's resident horror buff, tells ghost stories when they are interrupted by their teacher Ms Shishido Yui who seizes the opportunity to try and scare them. Joining her is Satoshi's sister, Yuka Mochida, who was on her way to the school to bring her brother his umbrella.

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Little Me

She lives in the shadow of a lonely girl
Voice so quiet you don't hear a word,
Always talking but she can't be heard,

You can see there if you catch her eye,
I know she's brave but it's trapped inside,
Scared to talk but she don't know why,

Wish I knew back then
What I know now.
Wish I could somehow
Go back in time and maybe listen to my own advice.

I'd tell her to speak up, tell her to shout out,
Talk a bit louder, be a bit prouder,
Tell her she's beautiful, wonderful,
Everything she doesn't see,

You gotta speak up, you gotta shout out,

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99 questions :)

001. Real Name: Kara Bree Kuisti
002.Nickname[s]:Kay KK zay (online)
003. Zodiac Sign: IDK
004. Male Or Female: Female
005. Elementary: chaparelle
006. Middle School:compass public charter
007. High School: NOPE
008. Hair Color: brunette
009. Long Or Short: Long
010. Loud Or Quiet: Loud DEFINATE LOUD
011. Sweats Or Jeans: jeans
012. Phone Or Camera: Phone :3
013. Health Freak: I like to watch my weight, but I love junk food
014. Drink Or Smoke: Nerp
015. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: yup
016. Political orientation: NOPE -.-
017. Piercings: none
018. Tattoos: nope

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starting commisions!

helllooooo guys! im starting commissions! but commissions here on queeky will just cost a request thats it! there are 3 free days! THE 3 FREE DAYS ARE... TUESDAY THURSDAY AND SATURDAY! i can do...
~Colored drawings with blank backgrounds(regular or shaded will be chose by you)
~Full drawing
~Art trades
~Character ref
~Head shot commissions

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book of roleplay!

Jinx walked to the window. Outside she saw the moon...she had just realized SHE WAS IN....SPACE! Jinx's ears went down. ''Ugh...better see who's next up on mah list.'' She said glancing down. novah walked up behind jinx "what happened" soon after she said that her ears went down too "we are in space!" Oh...Novah..uh hai..umm *Jinx walked away with her ears down* I didn't want to leave....but they made me...they made me join this ship. Jinx walked to under the ship were all the pipes and engines were she sat there with her knife.

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hi guys

hey guys! im kara you can call me kay or kara either one it doesent matter.
i have some goals that i would like to acomplish:
-become great artist-
-be able to make my own fursona (i cant decide on wat colors!)-
-to be able to draw anything-
-to base most my stuff on dogs-
-to get ipod touch (omg i might get it on my bday!)-

if you have any tips or requests comment on one of my drawings or msg me!

i wish i can acomplish these goals and more (if i can think some more up)!

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