“So it's been a while since I published drawings here. A lot as happened over the years, as I started in this site a while ago. Now, there are not much people left of those I was used to see drawings of, but there are new artists, as talented as everyone back then. I haven't visited for a while actually, but today something made me come back to the site. I have been living in Heidelberg, Germany for some time, and today it's my last day on the city, so I went and took some pictures of this beautiful city at night. Its absolutely breathtaking and a must visit. But this picture I took gave me a flashback. I think it looks really similar to this drawing I did 8 years ago: Maybe it was my destiny to end up in this city. I really hope that my destiny wants me to come back some day,to art, and to Heidelberg. Keep doing great art!”
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Hi Kyros, what a nice story!

Ich wusste gar nicht daß du in Heidelberg warst Wink

True, not much of the old Queeky-Artists here any more, probably today there are better drawing sites out there.

I am working on a new app for presenting the awesome arts people did on here. If you're interested you can see a W.I.P. here: (hope it works, its a work in progress)

Most of the new people here use MultiDraw ... since Flash Player is not supported by many browsers any more, lots of people can't use the Flash tools any more. It's a pity, it was lot of work.

And yep, your drawing is similar to your photo, it's like the same place but with a city Laughing out loud

Gruß aus Hamburg,


Queeky admin