My Cat Boots

“I'd like everyone to meet my new cat, his name is Boots. Boots is 1 year old and we got him from a Lady that was moving and she could not have a cat in her new apartment. I had advertised that I wanted a cat for Dennis (my Husband) and that the cat would have to be full grown but I did not want a real old cat. I met the Lady that had Boots the next day and I fell in love with him. I brought him home and he has lived with us since that day. We've had him for a little over a month and we love him so much. He is the funniest cat I have ever known. He actually talks to us as well. Today he was sitting in the window like he always does and he seen a big Calico cat in our back yard. He looked over at me and started Meowing really softly and then he looked back out of the window. Then he did it again and looked back out of the window. He came over to me and sat on the floor looking at very intensely and meowed again and jumped up in the window and did it again. He was wanting me to get up and look out of the window to see what he seen. We have only had him a month but he really does know how to communicate with us so that we know exactly what he wants. Oh, did I tell you that I love him? ”
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So did you draw this or just upload it??

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so cute

so fuzy and boots is a cutey pie

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Very nice Boots! And very smart! Smile

I can't, but I like to create.

Love what we do. Smile

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He is adorable...I'm sure

He is adorable...I'm sure Boots will bring you both much happiness...

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Beautiful Boots. Hope all is

Beautiful Boots. Hope all is well Kute.