Meme and Tempo

“The one on the right Is Mr. Indeer Amper Arthur Memento or Mr.Meme or simply, Meme gender: none but reffered to as he/him age: according to google 42 Likes: jokes,Tempo, memes, cosplaying dislikes: conflict, anyone hurting Tempo, ketchup and tomatoes extra info: my persona and creator of Tempo, Meme loves praise and brandishes a sharp Tophat with they're name written on it that glows in the dark. Meme is often jokingly called "the son of the Pringles mascot" He has a big heart and loves everyone no matter what, He cares deeply about people’s happiness including his robo-son. He can be called Indeer or Indie but only by his closest friends he gets embarrassed when they call him that in public. The one on the left is Tempo gender: robot but can be called him age: 4 months Likes: Mr.Meme, comics, playing music, being salty, bad movies dislikes: sappy movies, being called cute, being patroniszed extra info: Tempo is a robot designed for three purposes: To entertain, help Meme and to be Meme's "child". it/he is a master of acrobatics and entertainment but can be quite clumsy. Tempo is actually very strong but people don't believe it usually. Tempo has a speaker located in the middle of his chest and a storage compartment below it. Tempo can play music of all kinds and is fully waterproof incase Tempo needs to be rented for underwater performances.He is a tsundere, refusing to call Meme dad despite Meme calling Tempo son. He has the ability to blush for some reason. His blood is grey. Nicknamed by Meme as Tempy. Tempo and Meme like to perform and be praised by fans, normally they perform at a restaurant called the "Town of Enjoyment". Meme normally sings and Tempo plays the music while dancing. They live together in a small house near the Town of Enjoyment.”
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Awww... for some reason, they

Awww... for some reason, they just look super adorable!! Three stars