night sky

“watercolor painting, this one i painted 2014”
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A very nice landscape!

A very nice landscape!

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thank you ploiesteana

thank you ploiesteana Smile

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Very pretty Dewey...I'm a big

Very pretty Dewey...I'm a big fan of skies and is it painting with watercolors and do they last on canvas ?

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I have never tried canvas i

I have never tried canvas i use watercolor paper,my problem with watercolors was getting the colors into a lite wash with water, if you use the raw paint when they dry they turn darker.i hadnt tried watercolors in years i had always worked in oils, i like watercolors better no smell and the brushes are easy to clean, they dry faster,some of my first work in watercolors turned out dark so what i did was to go to youtube and watch and try some of the beginner watercolors and trying what they were doing.i hope this helps you,i like your art work.let me know how it goes. .......this watercolor was one of the beginner watercolors i believe it was called starry night done by the frugal crafter Smile