Princess Azula

“A pretty harmless looking photo of Azula. But we all know what she's capable of...heheh . I'm so glad to be finally putting this drawing up.. I just finished it last night and am pretty happy with the results! I tried to make her a little more appealing/realistic than the pic I went off of. I did this by adding all the details like, -her eyes, more detail -I gave her eyelids! -her eyebrows, more detail -her lips, made plumper -I gave her eyelashes also -added in a philtrum shadow (the little groove right above her upper lip) -added the shines on her hair and hair accessory (I hope those look okay..) -and a smidge more detail to the outfit Hope you guys like it!! Feel free to give criticism and thoughts! Used: mechanical pencil, eraser, blending stick, pinkie Time: about 10 hours”
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