whom are you Sb?

“Sb I'm guessing you're Natsuki, Goldie is Monika because *cough COUGH* and Pinkie is Yuri because *CoUGh*”
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Could you do my character, please? She's a white and golden panda spring lock suit, she has one bright blue and one purple eye, wears a grey crop top hoodie and black jean shorts and wears black glasses, cause both me and my OC are blind af.

You don't have to draw but if you do please message me and let me know, thank you! <3

Also, Springtrap is my favorite of all of the animatronics, just saying. Please don't hurt me. ._.

Kabari: Spr-Spri-Springtrap? *Blushes intensly.

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Is that anime name of something? Cause I have no fu**ing clue who that is.


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Well, it is I guess? But it makes you feel pretty uncomfortable. Smile

anyway, do you wanna see me in a skirt? :3

"And I'm back! Wait- fuck- that's cliche- H I- sjsjsjbsjzjh" - Spring

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You know what,

Idc so sure,