“Of all the lovely demons I've drawn, this one is the one I love the most. Meet Virgil! Half dog, half man thing. Yeah, you caN sAy "fURRy" I don't mind- he's just a human with a dog's head? The type of brEeD- ehhhhhhhh..Silver Doberman.”
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is beautiful

Swiggty Swooty

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He is

A Cultist. He has this farmer doggo named Mr.Campbell (unknow golden doggo breed) and uh, he's a weird dude- coming from Virgil, but he loves him.

And he has this other doggo (which is a mini Russian terrier and you know how those cartoon relationships are?) Of course the little fuck sells drugs- he's uh, a drug dealer, easy to trigger, short as montherfucker-- you'll love him.

Edit: he has,, this,, Cat,, (I forgot the breed but its one of those hairless cats?) That likes to fuck around with him too. I guess you could say they're frenimies in a way? The cat's name is Derek.

Another fucking edit because I'm obsessed with these fucks: there's a pitbull he's buddies with (she's a female.) Her name is Bea. She's a personal fitness trainer. *cough*

"And I'm back! Wait- fuck- that's cliche- H I- sjsjsjbsjzjh" - Spring