hello . i am 12 . i want to be a writer . i can be a writer if i want , i am amazing at it , and im already writing my first book . i'll tell ya when it hits the shelves !
you can be whatever you want , as long as you try ;D

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My life

Dude I 'm so lonely. All I do is fend myself off my fursona.
Honestely that's what really makes me happy in life.

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Being Awful

So like, there's a really really good chance that I told the Queeky Admin themself that they're not a real admin because they can't swear and I can.

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For some reason i used to hate roleplaying but vatergiest made me love it xDdddd

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My first day on Queeky!! 2-13-19

Dear Journal,

I have finally started Queeky due to the efforts of my friends. I am not sure how his will work, but I hope that people will appreciate my drawings and not respond with hate.


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razzle the dazzle its rizzy time

eyy folks its me rizzy. i like drawing furry T RASHH and such i love making friends on here! my interests are steven universe,disney and stuido ghilbi! i come on a lot too! heheh.. as much as i can

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