Hewo there

idk what im doing here
im a furry. so thats snazzy. and im pansexual. so lgbt is coolio.
uh dont judge. cuz thats mean. and if ur judging rn ur meanie >:|
and im nice. so ye. talk to me Smile
i cant draw too well tho. im here to make friends Laughing out loud
i also cant draw on a mouse
and my drawing tablet works with phones and tablets sooooo
ill probably have to join this with my phone.
l i f e

ye. I'm bored. lol

oml My grammar sucks so bad XD

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Zpinel idk

Hello! I am Gracie! - and I am not a cringe devil - I am a - nice but yet over protective - devil plz don't be rudeeeeeee


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Idfk anymore...

hello my friends! I am Gracie!
I try my best to keep my temper down plz don't be rude to my friends...

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images (2).jpeg

Heya Their!, My Name is Bendy, Bendy The Dancing Demon and I'ma cartoon Demon/Devil I like making new friends, playing games, and Pretending! I can be a yandare sometimes... But! I'm "Nice", Kinda kind and I like to pretending to be things! I like to cheer up others and try to make their day better! Enjoy u Day!!

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Don't read unless you are familiar with the Danganronpa series.


I just realized how badass Togami is, I used to think he was a douchebag until I realized how amazing he really was... he's a riot.
It's the same thing with Celeste, she threatens everyone, just like me. I used to only like her cause she was hot, but then I realized how much I have in common with her.
Junko is just insane, but I guess I am too. So I guess she's chill too-
I'm sorry I made this, I really didn't have anything better to do, and it was 12:40 PM.

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Greetings, people of Queeky!

Hello, my name is RIsForRoses, but you can just call me "Rose"(Or "V.")! I will TRY to upload when I can.
A Few things you need to know about me!:
1. I'm a Bisexual, (Yes, I'm apart of the LGBT+ community!)
2. I'm a HUGE fan of Eddsworld(TV Show that you can find on Youtube), and my art is probably only going to be Eddsworld fanart.
3. I'm kind of an anime freak, I have watched/know about most anime's, if you'd like to talk to me about any of them, then feel free to PM me!

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me when im bored and have nothing to do but sit and do this-

I'm taking a break!

Quarantine has got me, I'm having some difficulties haha
Have a nice day

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Another quarantine goes by. It's been at least... 45 days?
What do you guys do during quarantine?
I watch movies and Netflix or just chill and draw.
I've lately been really bored because there's really nothing to do for me.
If y'all have e-learning, does it end soon for you guys? It's killing me.

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hope everyone is doing okay and is healthy. i am in need of a song for a open map that i will be doing for my yt channel so pls suggest a song that'll be good. it's a bendy map btw. thanks

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about what i do

this is my first entry. i am a new user here at queeky and hope i can improve my art. i like Pokemon, bendy and the ink machine, five nights at Freddy's, undertale, art, and music. i'm a noob at drawing so please give me credit for trying. i hope to improve and be a better artist, and my mom believes i already am a great artist. i have a cat named juno, she's 2 years old and fluffy. what got me inspired in being a artist may never be found out, but i'm just glad i got inspired. before i joined queeky i used flipanim to make art and animations.

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