My life

Dude I 'm so lonely. All I do is fend myself off my fursona.
Honestely that's what really makes me happy in life.

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Being Awful

So like, there's a really really good chance that I told the Queeky Admin themself that they're not a real admin because they can't swear and I can.

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For some reason i used to hate roleplaying but vatergiest made me love it xDdddd

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My first day on Queeky!! 2-13-19

Dear Journal,

I have finally started Queeky due to the efforts of my friends. I am not sure how his will work, but I hope that people will appreciate my drawings and not respond with hate.


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razzle the dazzle its rizzy time

eyy folks its me rizzy. i like drawing furry T RASHH and such i love making friends on here! my interests are steven universe,disney and stuido ghilbi! i come on a lot too! heheh.. as much as i can

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Collab picture.PNG

Hi, so normally instead of drawing I usually watch anima yell and zombie land saga on Crunchyroll so I only draw 2-4 drawings a week normally this is because I go to school homework takes all my time and even if I finished early I can't go on electronics on school days plus it might be late on things like winter break because since naturally, we would be at school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday we can't be on our electronics until 3:00 which sucks and if you ask why I didn't say Friday cause tomorrow would be a weekend, and my style isn't anime actually it's cartoon probably.

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