My art styles

done on paint by hand

Hi,i'll be trying to do different art stylesin my (Queeky)career!i hope you'll enjoy them and i just started art using layers and stuff so pics won't be perfect so yeah.. :/ Innocent Innocent Smile Smile Wink

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‎Friday, ‎September ‎1, ‎2017
task1. find Jeremy a friend
2.find female mike and kill her
3.go drink some beer

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A Quote I Found

" But there's a hope that's waiting for you in the dark. You should know you're beautiful just the way you are. And you don't have to change a thing the world could change it's heart. "

--------- Alessisa Cara Scars To You're Beautiful Lyrics

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The old creepy man


Try waking up at midnight and look in your closet. You'll find a creepy old man who will chase you everywhere you go until the night's over....That is,If you can make it. He'll stare and stare at you with big creepy eyes and say "Go to sleep." and when you do he'll murder you.

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The story of the berwick creature

berwick creature.jpg

There once were 2 men. They had no home. One time on a cold december night,They went to the woods to find dinner. It got latter and latter,The men where almost in pure darkness. When they heard leafs crunching in the dark. They got a little worried. But they soon thought ''Maybe it's a deer",And just kept walking. The crunching was getting louder and faster like something was chasing them. They stop and turned around to find 2 glowing eyes coming turds them. They started to freak out and ran AFAP. At the edge of the woods they stopped to take a brake.

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Why to stop KFC

Stop KFC

I'm sure you go to that place KFC and remember it tasting like you want to go back. Well that place is a murderer's house. He rips they're feathers off live and removes they're beak. Right before he chops they're neck,LIVE. Stop KFC,And stop chicken cruelty. Be they're voice and stop KFC Angry Big smile

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