Hey. of course you don't know me, but I'm Jack.
I was born and raised in England, and have learned to love the rain.
I started this account a bit ago but forgot about it, so I can make use of it now (yay).
well, I guess that is about it, for now, it's 3:36 in the morning, and university waits for no one.

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Welcome to my blog!

Hi, and welcome to my blog! I am not sure how to do this so I am going to type what I want.

After the impact of COVID-19 things has not been going well for me at my home... I have been abused by my family since I was in the home... I have been taking drugs for a couple of years now, I can't stop even when I try to. But I am hoping the suffering will end when I am 18. (4 years from now)

Social Distancing people!!!! please

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demon slayer

Some days
It's hard to see
If I was a fool
Or you a thief
Made it through the maze
To find my one in a million
And now you're just a page torn from the story I'm building
And all I gave you is gone
Tumble like it was stone
Thought we built a dynasty that heaven couldn't shake
Thought we built a dynasty, like nothing ever made
Thought we built a dynasty forever couldn't break up
(And all I gave you is gone)
The scar I can't reverse
When the more it heals, the worse it hurts
Gave you every piece of me
No wonder it's missin'
Don't know how to be so close to someone so distant

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Not tryna be indie
Not tryna be cool
Just tryna be in this
Tell me how you choose
Can you feel where the wind is?
Can you feel it through
All of the windows
Inside this room?
'Cause I wanna touch you, baby
And I wanna feel you, too
I wanna see the sunrise and your sins
Just me and you
Light it up, on the run
Let's make love, tonight
Make it up, fall in love, try
But you'll never be alone
I'll be with you from dusk 'til dawn
I'll be with you from dusk 'til dawn
Baby, I'm right here
I'll hold you when things go wrong
I'll be with you from dusk 'til dawn

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Hello I'm an anime Weeb!

This guy is also hot XD I'm such a weeb.

Hullo. I really like anime and I'm on a school computer so everything else is blocked so I really hope this is a good drawing site. My user name is true , and if you know of Howl, ISN'T HE GORGEOUS!!!! Anyhoo, Can someone tell me if this is a good site for a noob computer anime artist in training. Thankyou, and have a great day! :3

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