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hope everyone is doing okay and is healthy. i am in need of a song for a open map that i will be doing for my yt channel so pls suggest a song that'll be good. it's a bendy map btw. thanks

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about what i do

this is my first entry. i am a new user here at queeky and hope i can improve my art. i like Pokemon, bendy and the ink machine, five nights at Freddy's, undertale, art, and music. i'm a noob at drawing so please give me credit for trying. i hope to improve and be a better artist, and my mom believes i already am a great artist. i have a cat named juno, she's 2 years old and fluffy. what got me inspired in being a artist may never be found out, but i'm just glad i got inspired. before i joined queeky i used flipanim to make art and animations.

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My Life Rn

My gosh, how's everyone doing.

E-Learning is such crap, and I really don't like it.

Lmao, I forgot to do assignments and now I'm triggered.

Anyways had a nice early bday part hope y'all had a great day today or something.


-puddi puddi

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Hello on Pixel art now and my user name is FoxyfoxUwU, meet me there! I will still be on Queeky, don't worry!

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hello . i am 12 . i want to be a writer . i can be a writer if i want , i am amazing at it , and im already writing my first book . i'll tell ya when it hits the shelves !
you can be whatever you want , as long as you try ;D

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My life

Dude I 'm so lonely. All I do is fend myself off my fursona.
Honestely that's what really makes me happy in life.

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Being Awful

So like, there's a really really good chance that I told the Queeky Admin themself that they're not a real admin because they can't swear and I can.

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