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Hi, so normally instead of drawing I usually watch anima yell and zombie land saga on Crunchyroll so I only draw 2-4 drawings a week normally this is because I go to school homework takes all my time and even if I finished early I can't go on electronics on school days plus it might be late on things like winter break because since naturally, we would be at school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday we can't be on our electronics until 3:00 which sucks and if you ask why I didn't say Friday cause tomorrow would be a weekend, and my style isn't anime actually it's cartoon probably.

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First entry

So um this is my first entry I'm only 14 and I know my wolf was scrappy but usually uts better I didn't have my pen to draw it with so yeah the next one will be better I promise. But I should really let u know that I love creepy stuff so u might see a lot of that.

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Hey!! To all my friends on MultiDraw

Hey ya'll, so my school has blocked multidraw, for reasons that only certain people know....cofnfswroleplay you'll have to talk to me over private messages orrr comments so yAeh baiiiiiiii <3 Tired

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Well, another day in the life of me; full of random people in random places, with random conversations :T

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Hello everyone i need some time alone from everyone if that's cousin Lunar is hurt badly...

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It's Been a While!

This isn't related to anything. This is just a doodle I did last year.

It's so weird looking back at this account. I'm now 15 and have developed regret for my actions in the past. This would be one of my regrets. My art was so bad. It still kinda is, but not to the same extent. I'm glad that I managed to get through my "random = funny" phase very early on. God, my last and only journal beforehand was practically bleeding randomness. I probably won't use this account anymore, or at least, not now. To everyone still on the site, have a great day!
I still haven't checked if my profile page is still an Apollo Justice gif. I really hope it isn't.

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My art styles

done on paint by hand

Hi,i'll be trying to do different art stylesin my (Queeky)career!i hope you'll enjoy them and i just started art using layers and stuff so pics won't be perfect so yeah.. :/ Innocent Innocent Smile Smile Wink

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