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The story of the berwick creature

berwick creature.jpg

There once were 2 men. They had no home. One time on a cold december night,They went to the woods to find dinner. It got latter and latter,The men where almost in pure darkness. When they heard leafs crunching in the dark. They got a little worried. But they soon thought ''Maybe it's a deer",And just kept walking. The crunching was getting louder and faster like something was chasing them. They stop and turned around to find 2 glowing eyes coming turds them. They started to freak out and ran AFAP. At the edge of the woods they stopped to take a brake.

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Why to stop KFC

Stop KFC

I'm sure you go to that place KFC and remember it tasting like you want to go back. Well that place is a murderer's house. He rips they're feathers off live and removes they're beak. Right before he chops they're neck,LIVE. Stop KFC,And stop chicken cruelty. Be they're voice and stop KFC Angry Big smile

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Who the heck I am.

how i draw myself

Well u might be asking me who I am. I am a fan girl of UNDERTALE!!!! If u don't know what Undertale is well... just upload it and play it. IT'S SOOOO COOL!!! Tongue So ya... BOi!!!! (bye)

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Speedpaint Contest!

Pixel The Puppy. P.S Use this if your having trouble!

This Contest Is About One Of My Ocs! Try To Draw Pixel! Ears; Right-Purple>Left-Pink, White Body and white tail but tip is red and orange shaded, has black claws and has hair covering one her right eye the bottom tip of hair is dyed blue has short hair and left eye is aqua/neon blue.

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My internists!

Gorey gal

Tongue Well, just to put it out there i might not seem like a person to be into metal but hello i am! Have y'all ever heard of five finger death punch? My favorite song of them is Jekyll And Hyde! I also listen to vol-beat, Shine-down, skillet, Disturbed ect. Thank you for reading! And i'm also into gore Art!!! I will soon do a redraw of my own of that.!

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My first Queeky Drawing


Is this you'r first time on queeky??? WELL I MADE A REALISTIC EYE!! well, tigerh90, signing out for her first time

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Guys, just to let you know, I'm totally not dead! I've mostly been busy on my Youtube channel making other stuff, mostly amateur let's plays and the like. I'm still sorry there's such a HUGE gap between art pieces, and I would say I'll try to do better in the future, but I really can't. Just know that sometime in the distant future, I'll start posting more frequently.

Signing out,

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I'm still alive guys


I haven't posted a journal here in over 2 years!!!!!!
I am still alive. Just been busy as heck with things.
And I will try to be more active here. So that's all really. Innocent

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