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*This document is based on a True Story. Whether you believe this or not is really your choice.

I sat up at the foot of my bed, wide awake, staring blankly ahead at the bare walls of my room and the boxes stacked up against it. I moved into this big house just 12 hours ago, and I was now debating whether or not I should explore my new home.

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My Day Today.

Puzzled Today I woke up at 4:34 P.M. because I stayed up till 7:39 A.M. My brother tried to wake me up but I threw whatever was next to me at him (I still have no idea what it was) Then I came onto my computer and watched aphmau videos , skydoesminecraft videos , and yourpalross videos. I next started watching roleplays I already watched. That was for a good couple of hours. Then I started drawing here. At Queeky. {Go check out my drawings called cute foods, garmau, and meifwa} And that was my day! [no I didn't eat and right now and it is 5:49]

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Hi Peeps!

My OC Art Blaze (bright purple one) is safe!

Hi everyone!

If you want to know my oc is 12% Mary Sue! So Awesome! 12% means my oc is not really a mary sue.


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Hey! My UTUBE channel is Cheetah Lover, on animal jam in Savecheetahs1221!

Please help like my posts, subscribe to my channel!


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Feeling pretty dumbass here, I wish I could have the same popularity on Queeky that on Youtube or Wattpad....

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Hi everyone (ponies)!
I hope your happy cause Fluffle Puff will cheer you up more!


~Art Blaze ♥

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I am new to this website and I hope I can make amazing art with it! It's my first time drawing on a computer to.

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