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My first Queeky Drawing


Is this you'r first time on queeky??? WELL I MADE A REALISTIC EYE!! well, tigerh90, signing out for her first time

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Guys, just to let you know, I'm totally not dead! I've mostly been busy on my Youtube channel making other stuff, mostly amateur let's plays and the like. I'm still sorry there's such a HUGE gap between art pieces, and I would say I'll try to do better in the future, but I really can't. Just know that sometime in the distant future, I'll start posting more frequently.

Signing out,

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I'm still alive guys


I haven't posted a journal here in over 2 years!!!!!!
I am still alive. Just been busy as heck with things.
And I will try to be more active here. So that's all really. Innocent

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*This document is based on a True Story. Whether you believe this or not is really your choice.

I sat up at the foot of my bed, wide awake, staring blankly ahead at the bare walls of my room and the boxes stacked up against it. I moved into this big house just 12 hours ago, and I was now debating whether or not I should explore my new home.

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My Day Today.

Puzzled Today I woke up at 4:34 P.M. because I stayed up till 7:39 A.M. My brother tried to wake me up but I threw whatever was next to me at him (I still have no idea what it was) Then I came onto my computer and watched aphmau videos , skydoesminecraft videos , and yourpalross videos. I next started watching roleplays I already watched. That was for a good couple of hours. Then I started drawing here. At Queeky. {Go check out my drawings called cute foods, garmau, and meifwa} And that was my day! [no I didn't eat and right now and it is 5:49]

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Hi Peeps!

My OC Art Blaze (bright purple one) is safe!

Hi everyone!

If you want to know my oc is 12% Mary Sue! So Awesome! 12% means my oc is not really a mary sue.


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Hey! My UTUBE channel is Cheetah Lover, on animal jam in Savecheetahs1221!

Please help like my posts, subscribe to my channel!


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