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Vow of Silence


Today, I'm doing my annual vow of silence to honor a friend who passed away 9 years ago. It's kinda hard in high school, though; in second hour, I couldn't explain much and my girlfriend thought she caught me cheating on her! Puzzled All in all, though, today is going to shape up to be a fairly good day-I can tell. Big smile

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About me


Hay guys imam tell you a little bite about my self OK. I am 14 years old. i live in homestead Florida. i have a dog named Sophie. i have a Quotev account, Email account, Twitter account, Queeky account, and a YouTube account. if you need me to edit any of your stories feel free to email me and i will edit it to your desire. i am also Puerto Rican. That is all that you need to know about me thank you.

Mail Email:
Twitter: In Process Of Making
Quotev: Search Rainbow Dash in the search box

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Tokushu Part 3 (sorry this one is short)

As I trotted along side the liquid I gazed out into the horizon spotting a black lump. All I could think of was my mother, so I darted at the black figure at full speed! There my mother lay, motionless, but this time she wasn’t breathing not even a single breath. Then I gaze upon the tall black figure, he told me that my mother had rabies. He headed off in another direction, all I could think “I’m all alone, there’s no one left to love me, first father now mother”. I stayed there slumped over by the corpse of my dead mother, her eyes and my eyes meet almost as if there was life left in her.

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Tokushu Part 2

The night drug on and on, minutes felt like hours and when I did get a sliver of sleep it only lasted for a couple, precious, minutes. When dawn finally arrived, I felt as if I’d been up for days or even months at a time. My mother lieing there motionless, but still breathing, reminded me of how joyful the world is even if you’re in the worst of conditions. As that day past on and the night came upon the land again and everything was in harmony. Every day creature, including yours truly, was fast asleep underneath the moon light night.

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Tokushu Part 1

I remember it as if it was yesterday, so vividly… The light gentle breeze blew past my face as I gazed off watching the birds fly in peace and the sun shine like no other. My mother, Genki, lumbered over towards me, for she is very ill and can barley get to her feet, she sat down next to me with a heart warming smile. We both sat there looking upon the sun that seemed to be sinking into the horizon, “Tokushu do you know the real meaning of your name?” she questioned.

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As some people may have noticed, I haven't drawn any new content in over a month! That's a little unusual for me, or it would be, if I didn't currently have artist's block... So! I'm asking anyone for requests for me to draw anything-absolutely ANYTHING! Just comment any art requests you have for me and i'll try my best to fulfill them. Wink

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Thank You!

Thumbs Up!

Hello, everybody! Well, at least anybody reading... my name is Rosheebii, and I'd just like to thank the small amount of people who actually looked at my art! I'd like to say, the fact that anyone would SUBSCRIBE to my account, to me, is just bizarre! To these just 7 subscribers to my account now, I'd like to say thank you SO much. You're very encouraging! Big smile

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About Sickly

I'm not very talkative, but if you have something you'd like to say to me, don't be shy! ;v;
I really like to roleplay using oc's and pairing them too, also making fanart of them because they have to be precious babies...I draw using my laptop's touchpad and usually make art using the program FireAlpaca (it's free). However, I sometimes sketch in MSPaint, do linework in FA and then colour using PaintTool Sai. I used to be on a site called Sketchfu, and this place seems to be a lot like it. Also...I'm a lesbian..a chubby, short haired lesbian. I'm sorry if you have a problem with that.

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