Chin Up!

“Chin Up! <p></p> Reference: Alexandera Carpenter <p></p> <strong>Life Lesson: Chin Up! Things Will Start Looking Great!</strong> <p></p> <strong>Artist's Comments:</strong> This drawing was apparently kicked off the "<strong>UPCOMING DRAWINGS</strong>" panel, where it has been sitting for days, due to one vote of THREE-STARS :***: I have seen similar things happened to good drawings of other artists. <p></p> While I enjoy drawing more than getting "graded", I do practice fair play. That is, I do spend time reviewing, commenting, and voting for other artists' paintings. It is a sense of community. It is what makes queeky a fun and exciting place to keep coming back and spend time painting. <p></p> Voting down a drawing with your bad vote (3 stars vs. a unanimous 5 stars from other 10 voters) without giving a comment why the painting deserves only 3 stars, in my opinion, does not do anybody any good. I hope at least to know what I did badly, in terms of artistic value of the painting, technique, authenticity, idea, or whatever. <p></p> So, be a good artist and citizen: speak up if you have suggestions to help improve or encourage fellow artists. Don't be a hit-and-run, as nobody will improve from it. <p></p> There, a mind that speaks up is a free mind. And there is NOTHING an artist values more than freedom of the mind. That is the reason we all want to be artists. <p></p> Best to all, <p></p> Saturday, March 13, 2010 <p></p> KD”
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Thank you so much, danila!

Thank you so much, danila! Love


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panty drop

when I was younger girls used to drop there panties for me sometimes. I usta imagin there being a slide whistle sound when that happens.


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I would say this draw is not

I would say this draw is not only good but also excellent, not only sexy but also attractive...


good job.... Waiting for more.

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Did U use a model? hhaa haaa kidding! good work. I can learn few tips from U


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Five stars for your art to

Five stars for your art to think about the fairness , about to be an artist! SUPER!

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Chin up!

This is such a Fabulous draw Kwik it also makes me smile too! Smile You certainly have 5 Five stars from me. Smile

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Chin up

This is really cute but also very well done. Nice work Smile So are those your panties???? Wink lol JK

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i love it! sexy Smile

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Ha ha!

This is a great the whole concept!...although a little bit nippy for the poor girl....nice touch with the KD.