Hi, I'm kinda new here, and there's one thing I haven't been able to figure out. When I watch peoples drawing I someone se them using some sort of tool that.. I don't know how to explain really but.. they draw lines and somehow the inner part between the lines is being colored, sort of like it fills the white space in between. how do they do that? I've tried every tool I can find on queeky, but I can't find out how they do this.. If anyone found any logic in what I just wrote and understand what I mean, please help!


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Well i need to know how to use the smear tool plz help me Sad Sad( Sad( Oups Four stars Innocent :Cool Smile Tongue PLZ and THX

Park JImin Tongue

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How do u have the smear tool still

Also, using the smear tool makes the lines change for other users, it's best 2 avoid it.... but you click and drag in the direction you want your smears to be going.

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Multidraw full of griefers

Please implement a way for the hosts to kick/ban users from their rooms.

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Queeky admin

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Disturbing videos and images

I'm seeing nudity, and animal abuse with other stuff, Please ban the user "FUCKMEIMNARUTO"

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less tools

When I open queeky tool online, it always open up as speed paint as heading. Not sure are the they same.

I wanted to edit like cut but there is no such tool. Its so limited tool unlike I watch in you tube, you have tonnes of tools. Where did it go wrong?

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Speedpaint Fallback

If you havent latest Flash Player installed and Flash enabled in your browser, it will fall back to the HTML5 version with limited features. To fix it, install latst Flash Player and allow your browser to display Flash for the domain

Queeky admin

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Hello I need help

Hello, I'm new and I need help on glow effects I have been looking everywhere on this website and I can't seem to find it...

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glow affect

@shablamblan, There is no automatic glow affect on queeky that I know of. But my suggestion would be to use the blend or smudge (finger looking icon) that can, depending on what you are trying to do, get you close to a glow affect.

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Try this ...

Okay - select the colour you want to fill the space in the paint bucket selector at the bottom of the tool selector (not the paint bucket half way down) ... if you want an outline choose that colour in the pencil selector just above the paint bucket. Now select either the pencil tool or the airbrush tool and you can then draw the shape you want and it will be filled in.

Things to watch - if you double back on your outline you will get voids in the fill - but this can be useful say to create foliage in one shape.

These are excellent for creating soft shadow by having you fill colour set to a very high transparency - and that also helps you create the appearance of water or glass ... especially useful here is to leave the pencil colour sector set as none (the red diagonal stripe) so you get a 'film' then add shadow and highlights on top to complete the effect.

Good luck

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