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Well it's always had me thinking how when you send a message you never know when they will receive it if you send it while that person is online. The same goes for when you receive a message but don't know about it unless you decide to check your message inbox or log on. I don't log off, I always stay logged on because no one but me uses my laptop and if they do they can't get into my account without the password or my thumbprint, so I really never get alerted when a new message comes.
It would be cool and even convenient if you could get notified of a new message while you are online, instead of just when you have just logged on. I don't know how the programming of this site works or how time consuming (if it is) to add such a feature, but if it could be added I think it would be helpful for those, like me, who don't really ever log off.
Well, I don't know, what do you think? I hope what I said makes sense...I'm not very good when it comes to explaining things :/


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I think thats a great idea! they should definantly do that! Innocent

XX AkumaKirei <3

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Message alerts...

greatly said aceofjacks. I rarely ever log out either unless for a second to switch computers or if my internet gets disconnected for some unknown reason. I rarely know I have a message and I hate checking my inbox every couple of hours but I catch myself doing this looking for messages. Not that I am that popular and get that many but I hate not answering a message right away when I get it. Especially from someone that is online that may need help at that time.

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Check out your profile

I remember changing the settings when I created the account so that I have messages notified to me at my e-mail address - I have the same with friend requests - but I have notifications switched off for everything else.

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I don't remember if I did that or not, I might have. But I hardly ever check my email or use it anymore. I might check on that...

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