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So, what is wrong with the profile pictures? Well, with such rules and dimensions are causing trouble for some users. After they change their image they cant change it to anything else, it always says the image was resized to fit the required dimensions and it never saves. You'll just be stuck with either a previous pfp or another previous pfp. It's annoying after you go through saving so many images just to be turned down when they don't work as your profile picture, for me I hate this annoying thing. I'd just want to say that they should just allow any size pfp and or allow the user to crop their image any way they want. As I am dealing with this issue. And it's really annoying me as I constantly have been saving images to use for my profile picture and only two of them work. Please take consideration in fixing this issue, thank you. - KyunDrawz

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Always clear your browser cache after uploading a new profile picture.

If not, you may see a cached version of the old picture.

Hop this helps.

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