Share your colors

Bild 6.png

QueekyPaint now enables export of your color palette to Queeky's server. In the colorpicker menu you find a dropdown where you can save your palette (see attached image).
All published palettes will be shown here:

In the palette detail view (e.g. ) you have different options:

  1. view as blocks
  2. view as bars
  3. view (and copy) as text
  4. use in QueekyPaint
  5. challenge in QueekyPaint

The last option "Challenge in QueekyPaint" will allow only colors of this specific palette in QueekyPaint. The option "Use in QueekyPaint" will import the palette to QueekyPaint, and you will be able to add/change colors like usual.

EDIT: You are now able to publish your palette when saving your work to Queeky. In this case your palette will be named like your drawing that you save to Queeky's server.