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You are GoD

This is crazy.. its amazing.. how did you do that.. .. Beautiful..

You are extremely talented.. .. why don't you teach us something about your style of drawing.. like how you observe certain finer details in a picture to give the portrait an absolutely photographic effect.. .. and why you still leave that unrealistic strands of hair.. {was out of time??.. .. good you left that or we would have thought that was a photo.. :-)}

Love you


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Really fresh looking drawing....nice!.....five stars!

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100 stars

100 stars Laughing out loud

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Agree with all the comments

Great work!

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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one of the most realistic i've seen....great draw=] 5 strs

♥Never look down on anybody unless your helping them up♥

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A very beautiful and fine

A very beautiful and fine actress, a wonderful portrait. 5 stars

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~~~....Gorgeous portrait!....~~~

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Gorgeous portrait! Charlize

Gorgeous portrait! Charlize Theron can be proud with such a beautiful, fine portrait! Over five stars!

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AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZZINGG!! i thaught it was real Smile luv it,, 10 stars Tongue xx