“abstract / landscape”
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I love the purple

Love very good reflection. Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars fave

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colors, this is really good. I like the tree next to the moon and the bird flying in.. very pretty. Smile

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very nice landscape

and i love the purple shades used here..good work indeed Five stars


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Love the purple scene,

Love the purple scene, leafless tree is cool.

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Love those colors, Nice

Love those colors, Nice Smile

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yes and congrats on the 100th! Whoo hooo! I didn't realize there were so many submissions already. It is a popular group Wungu.

This is a pretty scene, I am with wungu I love the purple and the tree, nice reflection too!

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The 100th submission to the "How do you do ..." Group

and it includes lots of my favourite things - purple, the moon (I think its the moon because it has darkness across it?), that fabulous tree and its a landscape - Thank you so much Katykeen21 for making this special landmark submission

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