“Its outta space :o”
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is interesting and I guess it's a green Martian flying around or else Jiminy Cricket! Cute, anyways and 5

Have a wonderful day!

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No arm twisting here...

LOL I comment only on drawings that I have an attraction to. I also have been known to comment on many drawings because I have faith in an artists talent and to encourage others. But I truly like this and would only tell you the truth. Hugs! I have to than you for always supporting my artwork. It means so much to me to know that I have many friends that like my work. It is the only thing that has kept me drawing here at Queeky for the last 3 years and hope to never ever stop. Love But now, my work awaits me. I have to leave and work for 3-4 hours before I am able to comment or view anymore work or finish my own drawings. Have a great day!

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I really like the fact that

I really like the fact that you have faith in other artists and that you support them Laughing out loud Ill keep supporting your artwork because its fantastic!

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So cute...

I almost missed this one before I left for this morning. Really adorable...love the colors too! Thanks for all of the comments on my work too. I really like your work, you are better and better all of the time.

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Thankyou kutedymples

I just really admire your work and dont feel

forced to comment on my drawings because

i comment on a lot of yours Innocent i do appretiate it.