“Mario addict xD”
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Yeah Super Mario ;)

I love the game and your drawing Smile very cute Wink

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So much fun to watch. There's a cleaning command, too. Epic. XDDDDD

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A lot of stuff going on here. I miss multi-draw. I haven't been able to go there for quite some time. I can't get past the first page. I really enjoyed watching the playback and love the ending the most. Very good work! Love (or should I say play) Ha Ha! Hey, check out my latest drawings...I have done quite a few I don't think you have seen yet. I am working on a lizard now along with many others but keep your eyes peeled for him should be done today.

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Cute! Imma watch the playback.

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A ha...

I shall watch the playback! Thanks for telling me. I love watching playbacks when I have the time anyway. Cool!

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Thankyou Kutedymples :)

so do i, so its kindof a nostalgic draw, btw if u watch the playback, there is also a goomba and a mr shy guy. Thankyou for your comment