“Featuring a dress, necklace and a character called Emmy in black and white. Hope u enjoy!”
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woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow! Shock Shock Shock Shock

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design pretty dress!

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really nice job..

nice figure, lovely dress..


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Kepp it up!

Smile u draw nice.

I drew a Picture but it wasn't as good as urs....so I deleted it.

U really R tallented. U should be a Fation Designer or Artist by now, really Exclamation Mark all stars 4 U Three stars keep it up.

Oups Crown MinaArtist Wink Innocent

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Love the dress

Love the dress

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Thanks ;D

im currently experimenting with drawing different kinds of dresses on this character. (Emmy)

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Where're you going, girl?

Laughing out loud Cute dress. Nice shade on the skirt.

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Ha55ha, i appretiate you taking time to comment on my picture.

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You're so awesome :D

Omy god this is so awesome!! you're getting great at drawing, simply amazing! Keep it up! Five stars Five stars Big smile