“Inspired by a story i had to read in English class.”
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A wolf... Smile Nice drawing!! And story!

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Popcorn in hand...

(or should I say mouth?)! Good story, I had to come here and read your story after looking at pppmans drawing! Your drawing is also excellent, so now we get the pleasure of seeing two illustrations for one good story. Thanks for sharing! Shock

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To answer your

To answer your questions:

(yes grab your popcorn and a blanky..) It was a story about a girl (r), who could see and hear mythical creatures (l). The left girl is the elf who is described as this, riding a giant wolf, is following the girl everywhere, but for some reason the girl is not allowed to show that she sees these elfs so she made up rules for herself. 1 Never stare at an elf, 2 Never look directly into the eyes of an elf, 3 Never respond to what an elf says & 4 Never speak to an elf. It was something like that. So these elfs are everywhere, and even transform into humans because they want something from her.

Okay its majorly vague, cause i dont really remember the story, just the descripion of what the characters look like. I hope you like it. Smile

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Woooooah!, thanks Flippo.

It's a cool story ever. You captured the story into the drawing perfectly.

And you makes me wanna hear the story some more. I gotta find it somewhere to read.

Thanks again Flippo. Laughing out loud

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Thank you very much!!!!!!

Thanks for sharing. I love stories like this.

Hmmm.... You sure is not a boy, cause this sound like the world I'm living in. Tongue

Anyway, thanks again. I love to hear stories. Big smile

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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So cool!

Half of her hair is different from the other half. So do the eyes and her skin, too. Cute white fox, too. I'm preparing to hear the story here. Gotta get my popcorn. Laughing out loud

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Must be a

scary story... But in class? I'm wondering what's the stories about?

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.