048 Horror portrait entry

“Well here it is, i wont be publishing anything for a while since ill be in Thailand for 3wks. Im not quite satisfied with the hands, and this is total animated brush abuse and overuse but i enjoy scary things so i couldnt miss out on publishing this. Enjoy x”
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its not

an animated brush abuse Laughing out loud its a job well done ! Beer

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Congratulations, Flippo

Yours is really great and horrify. Laughing out loud

I hope to have fun with any project with you again.

Hey! There's another Queeky competition to win a tablet. Check it out! Smile

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Thankyou, i have been off of

Thankyou, i have been off of queeky for a few days because of vacation stuff, but id love to join the competition because i had this wacky dream the other day that i want to share with all of you (it includes a mountain, camels, family and a dog) Anyways its one of the strangest dreams ive ever had ^^

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Welcome back vacation girl. XDD

Hey! Have fun with the competition. I want to see your wacky dream. Is there any cute guy, too? Big smile

I can't join this competition because I live in asia zone. But I'll be looking forward to see your drawing. Wink

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congrats on your win

- really nice entry!

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flippo its so SCARY. The desiccated skin and the deep set eye.... Puzzled Ghost Nice texture Five stars

Every artist was first an amateur.

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Thankyou Betty

Thankyou Betty Smile

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Nice to see you in both human and horror version. XDDDD (So cute in human version. Laughing out loud )

Great pose. Love the texture.

Hey! But especially like the hands. Shock

Good luck in the competition. Laughing out loud

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Haha thankyou ha55ha The

Haha thankyou ha55ha Smile The webcam quality is rubbish tho ;o but im glad you like it. You should join the competition as well, im sure you'd nail it!