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Cute draw. I like his little

Cute draw. I like his little green eyebrows.

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So cute!

And gorgeous! It looks like a painting done on canvas with a sponge. Amazing effect & texture! Smile


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I'm doing an experiment on this one.

I used the animate brush and adjust the flow value to do the effect. It's fun.

You can try it out too, my friend. Wink

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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I see,

It sounds interesting. Laughing out loud

Maybe I should. XD


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So cute! :D

The fruit was both eyes close, then finally one eye open. The flower is hugging the fruit. Aww...so cute. I feel the love. Smile

Cute animated brush. Today's first sketch is different from most of your drawings. It had some structure lines before which is interesting. I fail every time I do some kind like this.