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A bag

of embryos......

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Oh a bag of eyes...

totally awesome drawing! It looks to me like he is carrying a bag of eyeballs. This is a very creepy but unique and well done drawing. Amazing work!

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wooh awesome

you started postinfg again o: i havent been around for so long! great work!

Once again returned to this site, I keep returning!

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I've watched your work very

I've watched your work very attentively, you're a perfectionist, I am so impressed, a very good work!

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Thanks, Ploiesteana.

I was just wondering which way the head should be. Tongue

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cool, looks like original charcoal drawing.

What does he carry, is is a bunch of eyes?

Could be some frog eggs too ...

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Could be the frog eggs!

That's really cool. Smile