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I love the outfit and hat and that face is great. Love the teeth. the Electric wizard? Santa Five stars

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the real santa, cause we all know he is a creeper that sneaks into our houses at night and eats my cookies... wonderfully frightning! >:)

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Love it!

It's creepy but awesome at the same time.

At first glance, I thought it was Jack The Pumpkin King from A Nightmare Before Christmas dressed in a Santa suit, hehe.

It looks amazing though. ^___^


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Nice Hat

on a wierd Tim Burton's Santa or is he the neighbour down the street???????????????

Have a wonderful day!

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I just realized that....

wizards are almost the same look as Santa. The first half of the playback is looking like Santa, then ... XD

It looks like he is wearing a coat that made of muscles...or I just have a creepy thought myself. There's a fire on the tip of his hat and his beard looks like smoke. Another fire from your pics. Fun fun fun.

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Oh cool

Very cool Laughing out loud What a suspicious smile... XD But I like his beard and awesome flam-tip wizardy hat

You smell like muffins ;]

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I like the hat too.

Big smile

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