2 onions

“2 regular onions hanging out”
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Thank you, I have seriously

Thank you, I have seriously started to consider still lives, and hope to improve my technique by doing many of them Smile

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Make sure that your opacity is set at 100 otherwise you are getting what is known as overspray which will cause dark areas. Also you may want to bring your blur down to 2 where there is little overspray. Think of this tool as a spray can, the farther away you hold it the more overspray you have and it will cover areas that you dont want, causing the darker lines. this will happen when your opacity is set low. I have worked in all sorts of apps and including photoshop with the airbrush and you will always get a sort of streaking because the center color is more dense then the outer, which then allows the color below to show through, thus causing dark rings. No getting around it. Think of it this way. Airbrush/paint can is really not meant to be used as a fill tool. Airbrush is more for highlights and shadows. The one way you will not see this as much is by using black as your background base as opposed to white, which will cause more streaking. Or better still dont use the fill tool with airbrush. Because of the way the tool works it is not really the best to use with airbrush, because of that overspray. It is not a glitch in the app but just the nature of the tool when using airbrush when you use a lower opacity..there are always trade offs.

The other thing is to remember to make your fill opacity match your brush opacity. That may help reduce those lines as well.

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Hmm, I'm starting to think

Hmm, I'm starting to think there is a spray tool conspiracy going on or something Laughing out loud

OK stay with me here:

Open photoshop and choose a color. Fill the canvas with it. Then take a brush that's very fuzzy, like a spray. A lot of transparency at the edge. Then draw. Now, if your Photoshop works correctly what will you see?

On my side I will see NOTHING. Because if you have a color with transparency, and underneath it the exact same color, then the background color EQUALS the spray color, and NO EDGE AT ALL can be seen.

In other words: Doing any sort of spray work with a color, on the exact same color canvas, should look like NOTHING, because the colors overlap perfectly.

In queeky this doesn't happen, and my guess is because the way transparency is handled. The math is not 100% perfect for this, like it probably is in Photoshop. Thats why instead of red + transparent red = red, in queeky you get red + transparent red = DARKER red. The math has some errors. It is a bug somewhere, and a place for improvement.

Hope you didn't take this personally, I'm just seeing many people telling me that this tool has no problem at all, when in fact I believe it does Smile

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Nice onions!

The spray tool can be quite finicky. I fiddle with the spray size, radius(blur x & y) and opacity a lot before I get the desired effect but if you want a clean gradient you can use the pencil tool set on fill only and chose a gradient from the color palette(make sure you are changing the bucket color not the pencil and check the little box that says gradient). From there you can tweak the gradient to your heart's content. I hope this helps a bit. Smile

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Well yeah there are some

Well yeah there are some complicated ways around it, but that doesn't really fix what is really a broken tool.

If you take a spray and 1 single color, and make a bunch of shape on the canvas, there's no real reason why there should be random black lines. Real spray doesn't do that, Photoshop spray doesn't do that either. IMO its time to admit this is a bug and place it on the list of bugs to be fixed Smile

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just wondering...

I was trying to reproduce your example of why the spray tool doesn't work and I think I might know why you are getting black lines. Could you see if you have the fill checked or not? When you leave the fill on you then have a line around your fill, so if you don't set both the pencil and the bucket to the same color you're then going to have two colors spreading instead of just one clean color.

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Well I have the Fill on

Well I have the Fill on (because Fill is what I want) and the Outline is off.

Anyway to replicate the problem do this: Take a Spray with a color. Any color except black and white is good. Anything in the middle with work. Then play with the spray. You will see that there are black lines where there should be none. There is 1 single color. With a 1 color spray if you keep playing you should get a uniform color on all your page. This does not happen. Bogus lines always appear at the edges. That's the bug I'm talking about Wink

Anyway I started a thread in the forum, we'll see what happens.

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I see

Finally could reproduce it.

Yo, this is a Flash bug.

Unfortunately not a coding bug.

Maybe Adobe will fix this in some future updates.

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